Sunday, 15 February 2009

#284-A Focus's Journey

Just some photos of my dad's rental Ford Focus from Hertz which he was driving when both him and my mother were here in the UK last month. It was an 08/08 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Style. No. plate NC08 PZW.

(01/01/2009), The first night in the hotel's parking garage.

(02/01/2009), Leaving for Cambridge on the 2nd day we're there.

(02/01/2009), With my brother's MINI Cooper in Cambridge.

(02/01/2009), Another shot of the Focus and the MINI.

(04/01/2009), Along Queensway in London.

(05/01/2009), In Westfield Mall for the first time.

(06/01/2009), In Westfield Mall for the second time.

(08/01/2009), With it's more powerful sibling, the Ford Focus ST in Westfield Mall.

(08/01/2009), The back shot of the 2 Focus-es.

(09/01/2009), In front of the Rodizio Rico Brazilian restaurant off Westbourne Grove.

(14/01/2009), Outside my host's place.

(17/01/2009), In my brother's place again.

(18/01/2009), Leaving for London from Cambridge.

(19/01/2009), Parked next to a Bentley somewhere near Harrods.

(19/01/2009), The 2nd time, we parked next to a Toyota RAV4 (cause you can't be at the same parking lot for more than 2 hours).

(20/01/2009), Outside my host's house for the last time.

(20/01/2009), The number of parking tickets accumulated over the period of three weeks!

(20/01/2009), Oustide Ravenscourt Park Tube station.

(20/01/2009), Last afternoon with my parents (both me and the car), the car is going back to Hertz.

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