Monday, 2 February 2009

#275-A Monday full of snow and no school! (Part 1: At Home)

Well, today, because of the terrible weather conditions across London, most of the schools were closed for the day. My college, my housemates college, and my host mother's school were closed, so basically everyone stayed at home. My 2 housemates did go out to build a snowman in Hyde Park and whatever else they did. I also did go out, but without them, I went out on my own in the afternoon and went down to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace and man, did I enjoy the snow so much!!!

Backyard full of snow!

Front driveway also full of snow.

Trees, buildings and such also covered in snow.

Breakfast for the day which consists of French Toast with maple syrup and Nutella.

Look at how thick the snow is.....

.....on this table in the backyard!!!!!

No, I did not edit this photo or anything. I was really standing out there in the snow with my pyjamas, a white T-shirt and shorts.

The view from my window.

Some random shot out of my window.

The amount of snow on my ledge.

The robin which comes for food. Apparently a frequent visitor to the house, according to my host.

Butternut squash soup and cheese on toast for lunch.

Peach yogurt for dessert.

iTunes playing Chingy - Balla Baby.
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