Friday, 2 January 2009

#268-A New Year, A New Place, A New Beginning

Well guys and girls, how was your new year? I guess it was good for all of you. For me, I was stuck on a plane for 13+ hours from Singapore to London. So basically, my new year was kinda exciting yet boring in a way. Well, as some of you might know, the reason I came to London is to study A-Levels. My college of choice is Davies Laing & Dick college in Central London near Bond Street. I start on Monday and I'm currently still enjoying my last bits of holiday that I have left. I had Tameer and Saameer over at the airport to send me off and I'm pretty satisfied by that. I know that's not many unlike someone I know, but I'm pretty satisfied by it and I do understand that some of my friends do not have transport yet, so they can't come send me off. Anyways, from me to all my friends, best of luck in whatever you do and adios!

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