Wednesday, 31 December 2008

#265-Farewell Party

Last Saturday was my farewell party. It started in Gurney Plaza with lunch, a movie and then it continued in my house for dinner and some fun. Thanks to everyone who came and gave me presents and well wishes. Adam, Timothy, Yu Yao, Lin Hin, Alfred, Delton, Chan Wai, Bob, Wei Jian, Jin-Eu, Chong King, Ben Cheah, Vanessa, Kimberly and Fione came. Thanks guys and girls!

Chong King and our 12 The Spirit tickets.

Timothy playing air hockey.

Raj, Sajendraa's brother playing air hockey with Timothy.

Grill-ing satay.

The food!

More food! This time, desserts.

My plate.

Our table.

Of 2 Kukongs and a Kimpo.

Uncle Larrry and my other Kukong.

Timothy's family and my brother.

My eldest brother and his friends.

Uncle Larry's family.

Mrs. See's class of 2008, from L-R, Me, Fione, Vanessa, Mrs. See/Kimpo, Shu Lin and Adam.

A game of UNO was played that night.

Vanessa and Me.

I was getting ready to be thrown into the pool.

Complaining how heavy I am.

In the process of throwing of me in.

Already in.

Everybody is laughing.

OH SHIT! You can see my fat.

Wadding in the pool.

From L-R, Adam, Yu Yao, Chan Wai, Me, Chong King, Delton, and Alfred.

Ben Cheah and me.

Lin Hin, Me and Chan Wai Artistic shot by Chong King.

A more normal shot of the 3 of us.

Kim, Fione, Me, Jin-Eu, Chong King and Bob. Wei Jian is the one squatting.

Shot #2.

Me and Chong King in the car.

iTunes playing Lady Gaga - Just Dance.
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