Wednesday, 31 December 2008

#263-Last Outing


Tomorrow, which is the 1st of January, I'll be flying off to the UK for college. Partly I'm excited, but a part of me is also sad because I'm leaving Penang, my home for the past 17 years. So, yesterday, me, Kimberly and Fione went out to Queensbay first, Tesco second, and Gurney Plaza last. We had a fun and exciting day and it was a good time spent. I did some shopping with them, shopping with girls can be good sometimes. I got a new pair of shoes, some stationery, a sling bag, a T-shirt, and some food stuff.

The CR-V hit 17,000km yesterday.

Where we parked in Queensbay. First time driving there.

Me & Fione.

Kimberly & Me.

3 drinks, 3 sauces. Totally random picture!

My parking ticket.



Parking receipt. Very cheap parking indeed.

Malfunctioned traffic lights. The 199 didn't move at all and soon it turned green.

My Oreo McFlurry, courtesy of Fione. Thanks Fione!

McFlurry in Starbucks. I find it weird. Do you?

Kimmy and her Java Chip Frap.

Fione says hi! Lol.

Me! Me!

Brothers of the same colour.

Lol. smart oh smart.

The smart can't move, maybe?

Me & Catarina.

This is for Kimberly.

Lol. They look like Ah Bengs. Haha.

Sources anyone?

The girls in Tari Cafe.

Me, Kimmy and Fione.

Me, Kimmy and Fione. Take 2.

Me, Kimmy and Fione. Take 3.

Finally. we're dropping Fione. Last group picture for awhile.

Me and Kimberly. Dropping her off this time.

iTunes playing Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up.
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