Thursday, 4 December 2008

#252-Random 1st December photos

Last day I'll be coming to Soon Lee for driving. It's my JPJ Test Day!

Road leading from Soon Lee.

My number. 64 kuning, sessi dua (64 yellow, second session).

Apollo Pandan Cake and Iced Milo as breakfast at Melati.

Mee Goreng and Orange Juice as lunch at Melati.

Random Kancil used for testing.

I passed bukit! Wee :-)

I passed parking too! Wee :-)

I passed the three-point-turn manouvere! Wee :-)

The old price of petrol. It's now RM1.90/litre for RON97 fuel.

Safety information at the petrol station.

Price of a full tank for the Honda before RM1.90/litre.

This month's issue of Autocar magazine.

Watching: The Drive Of Life Episode #36.
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