Thursday, 16 October 2008

#239-PhotoJournal Episode #1

I've decided to call the set of photos that I haven't posted and it's not worthy of a post by itself the PhotoJournal series. Here are the photos for the first episode.

My shadow and someone's toes.

In Cititel.

Had Japanese lunch here the other day.

Penang Road.

Penang Road again.

Cititel's lobby.

Some random back lane.

Washing the driveway.

Xaverian 2008 issue. Last issue of my school's mag that I'll ever get.

Digi's mascot!

Shopping in Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza.

Had this for the first time.

This is some Coco Pops topped with chocolate doughnut.

I like this shot. Whaddya think?

Long overdue vain shot of me :-)

New mini-tripod 1.

New mini-tripod 2.

New mini-tripod 3.

Banana bread from Rainforest bakery, Chulia Street.

R U Original?

Jam at Greenlane.

Some random design in Kim Gary.

Can anyone translate for me?

Island Plaza traffic lights.

Doing Maths.

Weird-face me.

3G camera.

iTunes playing Metro Station - Shake It.
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