Monday, 13 October 2008

#232-My Loan Phone, Sony Ericsson K500i

As some of you might know, I sent in my SE P1i for service last Monday (06/10/2008) before the 1 year warranty runs out on the 29th of this month. I encountered some problems with the phone, such as the jog dial which scrolls down when i scroll up, the phone lags more than when I first bought it, and the Wi-Fi connection isn't stable. So, I sent it to Charlie Communications Gurney Plaza (I recommend this shop, they have pretty good service) which they in turn send it to the Sony Ericsson service centre in Prangin Mall for service. I had this Sony Ericsson K500i as a loan phone for the entire course when my P1i is in service and I've been using it for the past one week and I must say, the phone is pretty good! Apart from lacking several nifty and upscale features from my P1i, it is a good day-to-day phone for me and probably other people too. It has a VGA camera with 4X digital zoom, 2-inch screen, infrared, MP3 support, etc. etc.

When I first got the phone, I only had time to take a picture of it after tuition.

Sony Ericsson K500i.

The phone is utilising the old Sony Ericsson style charging/headset port. It's not using the newer Fastport connector.

The VGA camera with 4X digital zoom.

The phone uses a 700mAh Sony Ericsson BST-35 Li-Pol battery.

Back view of the phone.

My K800i next to the K500i.

The K500i's keypad glows orange.

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