Sunday, 12 October 2008

#228-H-Factor Creative Youth Workshop 2008

I was out the whole day at G Hotel attending this event, the H-Factor Creative Youth Workshop 2008. The workshop was pretty awesome and it has a number of celebrities, such as Hannah Tan herself who is also the main person behind this event, Harith Iskandar, Serena C, Pietro, Hans Issac, David Lai and a couple more. For more info, go to I'm too lazy and tired to describe the whole event here. Side note, after today, I'm officially a fan of Harith Iskandar. Man, he's just terribly funny. A lot of jokes he made! Here I'll post pictures related to the event and also some not related to the event but were taken around the area of the event. I'll post pictures I took with the celebs on a different post.

The registration area.

The H-Factor Workshop goodie bag.

Participant chop?

Toilet sign.

Me in toilet.

Lin Hin's SE W910i.

Adrian's SE Z520i.

This magazine came in the goodie bag.

Lin Hin and Me in the toilet.

View of Gurney Drive from the lounge area of the ballroom.

Desserts for eating.

H-Factor's promotional banner.

I signed up for this.

It's a prepaid Mastercard.

The MOL goodie bag.

Fruit punch, I guess. Can't figure out what drink it is.

Fried Bee Hoon. This is nice, man!

Egg Sandwich.

Me, Stiles and Wen Han.

View of crowd #1.

View of crowd #2.

Our phones....Yay!!! SE truimphs!! Lol.

Nickchan and me.

Hans Issac's car.

Nice new song.

Group shot #3 for Alfred, Nickchan and Alvin Ng.

Me and Alvin Ng.

Autographed postcard from Hannah Tan!!!

Nickchan's iPod touch 1G.

Bought some Big Apple Doughnuts home.

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Leonard said...

Hey I remember You !

Hope u enjoyed yrself at 'H' Factor. Thanks for being part of the great Penang Crowd !

'H'Factor Support Team