Saturday, 4 October 2008

#221-Lecciones De Ingles

Hehe. It's Spanish for English lessons.
Well, I just found this postcard in my cupboard's drawer.
It's from my brother who went to Spain a couple of years ago.

If the picture isn't clear, here's what the postcard is saying, from top to bottom. Left is English and in the bracket is Spanish.

Let's go. Don't fuck me (Vamos no me jodas)
From lost to the river (De perdidos al rio)
The mother who gave birth to him (La madre que lo pario)
Sissy the last (Marica el ultimo)
Great sissy the last (Maricon el ultimo)
For if the flies (Por si las moscas)
Everywhere they boil beans (En todas partes cuecen habas)
Composed and without girlfriend (Compuesto y sin novia)
Go out by legs (Salir por piernas)
If I have seen you, I don't remember (Si te he visto, no me acuerdo)
Switch off and let's go (Apaga y vamonos)
It is not turkey mucus (No es moco de pavo)
It sweat me (Me la suda)
That if you want rice Catherine (Que si quieres arroz, Catalina)
Shit little parrot (Cagate, lorrito)
Morning, singer (Cantamananas)
Another who such dance (Otro que tal baila)
To another thing, butterfly (A otra cosa, mariposa)
What of-taylor (Que desastre)
Among whistles and flutes (Entre pitos y flautas)
Like water of May (Como agua en Mayo)
To fuck the female pig (Joder la marrana)
Marking parcel (Marcando paquete)
To put in a cigar (Meter un puro)
My happiness in a hole (Mi gozo en un pozo)
Sissy of beach (Marica de playa)
Wave! (Hola!)
To god! (Adios!)

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