Tuesday, 30 September 2008

#213-Black and White Tuesday

I dunno. Maybe it was the constant raining today that had me in a black and white mood. My life today revolves around the hues of black and white? Maybe. Lol.

Raindrops on my window.

Freshly fried wantans.



Stupid idiots....If you wanna rob someone where you know there will be alot of loot....

....Why the bloody hell would you take a small-ass Perodua Kelisa??????

The tent is set-up for my neighbour's Raya party.

I bathed....

...at around 5.40pm today.

I then synced my iPod nano again with....

....1011 songs, later on I added another song so it makes it 1012 songs.



Nice song!


iTunes playing Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up.
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