Saturday, 27 September 2008

#208-It's A Friday!

This is related to post #205. Now it's the pictures for last Friday while post #205 was the summary for that day.

Had dinner here.

Tickets for Money No Enough 2.

Bowl of Beef Queso @ Chili's.

Crispy Chicken Fingers @ Chili's.

Mesquite Chicken @ Chili's.

Mum's Salad @ Chili's.

Buffalo Wings @ Chili's.

The 16GB iPod nano has arrived in local stores.

Can you believe it? In the picture it's blue, but it's actually the purple-coloured iPod nano.

The refreshed iPod classic's box. It's now white instead of black.

I wanna watch this movie, it should be awesome!

My box of popcorns.

Gurney Plaza's after hours.

A nearly empty carpark.

DVD's I bought on that day.

Watching: P.S. I Love You.
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