Friday, 26 September 2008


Well, it started off with a morning at school. There was Worship Day for the Form 3, Form 5 and Upper Six students. I myself went to the hall where the Buddhists were suppose to gather at. The school invited a couple of monks over from Mahindarama and we prayed and they gave us some blessings. Then it was straight to recess. After that 2 periods of Maths where Ms. Khoo just gave the answers for the recent Maths 1 paper and after that was about 1 1/2 free periods. After that, for Physics, Mr. Sim just thought some Physics and again free period. It was early dismissal today because it's the last day of school before the one week break. And I waited about 45 minutes for transport home to arrive. Mum was busy and dad came to fetch me around 12.50pm-ish. I figured out it was a total waste of time going to school yesterday. There were only 8 people present in my class.

Afternoon was just the same. Maths tuition in the evening. After tuition was dinner and a movie at Gurney. Had Chili's for dinner. Awesome dinner again! Then, the four of us caught Money No Enough 2. It was a great movie I must say. Another excellent job from Jack Neo. Then, it was back, bathed and now I'm typing this blogpost.

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