Wednesday, 24 September 2008

#203-Malaysia's Fuel Price down...again!

Just got the news in via that Malaysia's fuel price is reduced once again. From its initial price of RM1.92/litre before 5th of June, it rose up to RM2.70/litre after that date. Last month if I'm not mistaken, the fuel price reduced to RM2.55/litre and now it is reduced to RM2.45/litre.

The changes are as follows;

RON97 fuel, from RM2.55/litre to RM2.45/litre
RON92 fuel, from RM2.40/litre to RM2.30/litre
Diesel, from RM2.50/litre to RM2.40/litre

Rejoice! Lol.

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1 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

come on. the malaysian government is patrionising us.

when the crude oil price were down till USD$91, they could have lower the oil price already. now it shoots up till USD$108 and only a mere RM0.10/litre decrease.

Give me a break.