Sunday, 21 September 2008

#198-Random-ness for September 2008.

Random pictures that I took from the 1st of this month up until today. Never bothered to post them up in individual posts, so here's the collection of 'em.

It was cold that day.

Bak Kua-Before.

Bak Kua-The Aftermath.

My lasagna.

It was raining non-stop that day.

Mooncake moulds.

With normal flash.

When you cover up the flash.

Random Nokia brochures.

Bedside lamp.

New shirt, mum bought it for me.

Gurney Plaza toilet shot #1.

Gurney Plaza toilet shot #2.

Me in the mirror.

Picture of my dog. It's very hard to get this picture cause if you make noise while you go towards her, she's be jumping like a mad dog. I slowly walked towards her and snapped this picture.

New profile picture for Facebook and the blog.

Mum's friend gave us these mooncakes. The taste ain't that bad actually.

Random road sign.

iTunes playing Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up.
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