Sunday, 21 September 2008

#196-RAZR Pictures in the 2nd week.

Some pictures from my RAZR again.

Me and Jonathan.

Tameer and Me.

Sanjay and Me.

Random shot of my school shoe.

*SHUSH* Don't tell anyone I secretly took a random shot of my EST paper during the exam.

Me and Wallace.

Parking meter for the parking lot we're parked in.

Chulia Street.

One of the most famous Char Siew Pui in Penang at Sky Hotel, Chulia Street.

The busy coffeeshop at Sky Hotel.

Some of us boycotted Nasi Kandar stalls.

The best Chicken Rice to me so far in Penang.

The Muar Chee stall.

Muar Chee.

Char Siew Pui/Roasted Pork Rice.

My Chicken Rice without chicken. Heee...

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