Thursday, 18 September 2008

#193-Is the Government stupid or something?

This is concerning the Add Maths and Moral paper that we SPM peeps this year are taking. I mean, I'm not the kind who bothers to study SO extremely hard for a test or something, but this is just plain stupid. Why do we have to sit for Add Maths 1 on the 14th of November 2008, 0800hrs to 1000hrs. Then half and hour later we take Add Maths 2, 1030hrs to 1300hrs. That's just the limit. I'm fine with that, for real. Just that, the government decided to add Pendidikan Moral, a 2 1/2hrs paper right after Add Maths originally from 1400hrs to 1630hrs. Now, due to alot of complains, you know what they did? The Education Ministry just shifted it an effin' 1/2hr later. I mean, can't they shift it to the next day or something when the Pendidikan Islam papers are going on? They either have brains who can't function properly while planning the timetable, or the are messed up with the recent hoo-hah happening around Malaysia.

The link below is the one with the full, and I mean FULL SPM timetable.

On a side note, some rants about the SPM. Right before looking at the timetable, I never knew the SPM was full of weird and random papers. Dandanan Rambut (Hair Styling), Menservis Automobil (Automobile Service), Tanaman Makanan (Food Planting), and Persolekan (Make-Up) are just some of the weird papers offered in the SPM. Can you believe that? They actually have a paper just for Make-Up. My oh my!

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