Tuesday, 16 September 2008

#188-SPM Trials Day Three, English 1 and Pendidikan Moral

English 1 was quite okay. There were two sections, Directed Writing Section A and Continuous Writing Section B. I must say, I almost finished my Directed Writing Section A when the white-afro-haired lady also known as Ms. Pillay says times up.....

"Alex didn't do Section B???"

No lar. I did Section B first before Section A, I'm kinda more inclined to do the question with more marks first then move on to Section A. What I did for Section B?

Question is as follows,
1.)Describe the best holiday you had with your family.

Whoa! I did write a pretty long essay close to 700 words on that topic. I mostly wrote down my whole European Adventure last year. It was a pretty good essay written I must say, now we'll just have to wait and see what I got. BUT, with capital B, U and T, I can never beat these two people who have very imaginative minds, Jonathan who wrote 993 words, I said, "Why don't you just add 7 words to make it 1000? LOL". And Delton who wrote and astonishing 1300 words, 1000 more words than needed. My gosh! And they still have the time to complete the Section A.

Moral was usual. Hard. Most peeps I know, didn't quite study the Moral nilais. I did remember a few and some of the questions were just logical questions which needed your own answer.

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