Sunday, 14 September 2008


There it is. Life after Form 5. Some people choose to do Form 6, some people stay back in local colleges, some go overseas, or some even stop schooling and start working. For me, I'm going to college. I'm currently looking at options available and I'm thinking of something like KDU or Disted. On the other hand, I'm also looking into the colleges my brothers have been, Cambridge Tutors College in Croydon, South London and also Abbey College in Cambridge. So, just the other day, I asked a local representative representing both the British colleges, Winnie Tan, of ASA Global Education, Pulau Tikus Plaza, Penang for some brochures on the colleges. I'm yet to look upon the local colleges, I might do that after the Trials.

P.S. To tell you a SECRET, what I would like to do after SPM? I just wanna go backpacking around the world, armed with a Sony A350, Macbook, Sony Ericsson C902 and an iPod nano. Yes. Seriously, just travelling and taking photos, experiencing new things, new cultures and meet new people. Then after that, settle down somewhere and find an ok job and just basically live my life.

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