Thursday, 11 September 2008

#179-Local availability and prices of the new iPods.

Well, the iPods that were launched at Apple's Let's Rock event on Tuesday will now be available in Penang from 7pm tomorrow onwards. Not all models will be available immediately at launch in Switch. Models available from tomorrow will be the 1GB and 2GB iPod shuffles, 8GB iPod nano, and the 120GB iPod classic. The rest will be available at a later date.

Price list for the new iPods;

iPod shuffle 2G 3rd revision 1GB, RM189 (no change)
iPod shuffle 2G 3rd revision 2GB, RM259 (drop by RM10/3.7%, previously RM269)

iPod nano 4G 8GB, RM599 (increase by RM30/5.28%, previously RM569)
iPod nano 4G 16GB, RM799 (increase by RM30/5.28%, previously RM769)

iPod classic 6G 120GB, RM999 (previously RM939 for 80GB and RM1399 for 160GB)

iPod touch 2G 8GB, RM949 (drop by RM390/29.1%, previously RM1339)
iPod touch 2G 16GB, RM1229 (drop by RM510/29.3%, previously RM1739)
iPod touch 2G 32GB, RM1629 (drop by RM370/18.5%, previously RM1999)

The previous gen iPods are still on a sale subject to availability. Prices are as follows.

iPod shuffle 2G 2nd revision 1GB, RM189
iPod shuffle 2G 2nd revision 2GB, RM269
iPod nano 3G 4GB, RM529
iPod nano 3G 8GB, RM599
iPod classic 6G 80GB, RM799
iPod classic 6G 160GB, RM1229
iPod touch 1G 8GB, RM829
iPod touch 1G 16GB, RM1179
iPod touch 1G 32GB, RM1579

Happy buying! LOL.


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