Sunday, 31 August 2008


NO, I don't see cream. What I meant was ice-cream. I just pronounced it a little different. Lol. So, it's August right? And August has 31 days, so Baskin Robbins has a 31% discount on their ice-creams every 31st of the month with 31 days. Usually, it's available from the 30th night onwards, but since it's Merdeka month, the offer is on from the 29th to the 31st. Cool eh? So, yesterday after Add Maths class, my parents fetched me over to the Baskin Robbins shop on Burmah Road to get some ice-cream.

The sizes available, there's also Value Cut which wasn't included in the picture.

On of the three flavours.

Got a Pint for it.

Second of the three flavours.

This time I got a Quart for it.

Third and last flavour that I bought.

Got another Quart for this flavour.

Papaya ice-cream.

Paper bag, very 'Green'.

Me and one of the Quarts.

The three flavours and two sizes of ice-cream that I got.

The receipt, total is RM85.15, if there is no discount, it's RM117.50

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