Monday, 18 August 2008

#141-A Rainy Monday.....(And Some Pictures, hee!)

It was raining heavily yesterday for the most part of the morning and it continued until 2-ish and it was just drizzling after that. Well, apart from the usual tuition, we sent the Honda for servicing because we're going down to KL on Wednesday.

I woke up and took this picture.

I'm awake!

Swimming pool.

Rain's fallin to the ground.


My breakfast, Lor Mee.

Wet floor.


Saw this Ferrari F430 outside the Honda Sungai Pinang Road.

The car being checked for service.

I want this car! The new 2008 Honda Accord 2.4i-VTEC.

Rear shot of the Accord.

Rims of the Accord 2.4i-VTEC.

In the car.

Me and my newly restored iPod nano.


Spaghetti Sauce.

Grated Cheddar Cheese.

The final product.

Replacing the light tubes.

The light tubes are replaced!

I Hate Mondays t-shirt worn on a Monday. Lol.


Collecting the Honda at the workshop.

Had Careme's now known as Hainan Western for dinner.

Feeling sleepy...

Watching: King's Ransom.
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