Thursday, 31 July 2008

#127-Gurney Outing yesterday, 31/07/2008

Went to Gurney Plaza yesterday with my brother and his friend and girlfriend who had just driven down from KL. I was supposed to be a 'navigator' for my brother. Lol. Anyways, his friend suggested to go to Gurney, so I followed and being a photo-freak, I just had to take pictures.

RM1.80 lollipops at Starbucks.

Starbucks mugs for sale. I'm aiming to get one from every country I visit which has Starbucks.

My Dark Mocha Frap and The Sun.

G Hotel.

The new block of Gurney Plaza.

Ticketing office at GSC Gurney Plaza.

My brother and his friend was playing Time Crisis 2.

Time Crisis 2.

Me :-)

Me finished playing Daytona. I forgot to off the Macro settings and this was the result.

List of shops for Gurney Plaza's New Wing.

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