Saturday, 12 July 2008

#99-Updates for 12/07/2008

Nothing much happened yesterday, just woke up at 12.30pm. Followed my mum to get a couple of things and buy my lunch as well. Early evening at about 5.45pm, followed parents and my brother to go and invite monks for my late grandmother's upcoming 3rd death anniversary's dana. Then it as dinner at Ingolf's with my family and granduncle and grandaunt. Back at my house, me and my mum made some pancakes for my g.uncle, g.aunt, dad and myself. That's all for yesterday.

Rare sighting of a Lexus GS300 in Penang.

Lexus Malaysia. Oh yea!

Accident on the corner of Macalister and Western Road.

Reverend Khema's Mercedes-Benz C220. If you notice, the dude is washing the undercarriage of the car. Here goes a conversation between my dad and I;

*Me to everyone in the car* - Who washes the undercarriage of the car?
*My dad* - The guy who is washing the car right now.
*Me* - RIGHT........

I was trying to get a papparazi shot of PHE25.

Cool lights! It lights up whenever you open the door or turn off the engine or unlock it. It only happens at night, tho'. P.S. It's my g.uncle's car.

Angel eyes.....

This photo is meant to be upside down.

My new setup!

Listening to Nat King Cole - The Way You Look Tonight.
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