Wednesday, 9 July 2008

#93-Of Orang Asli and Traffic Lights

I heard this story from my Undang lecturer last Saturday. It all started last time when there were still no traffic lights in Cameron Highlands. He said he went to teach the Orang Asli (kind of Aborigine kind of people) the basics of road manners and stuff like that. He asked the Orang Asli whom were present what the meaning of the Red, Yellow and Green on the traffic lights mean. One of them said the Red means GO, the simple fact that Malaysia has the 'semangat perjuangan' or fighting spirit, so it's always go go go for them. Yellow on the other hand means stop. It's because Yellow symbolizes the royal family in Malaysia, so they said yellow=royalty, we have to stop for them and let them past *smacksmyhead*. Green means stop too! The Army is green on colour and they have served alot for this country, so we should stop for them and let them past. My gosh!

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