Tuesday, 8 July 2008

#91-Undang Day, Saturday!

Oh well, last Saturday I went for the Undang kursus over-the-sea in Juru. For you who might not know, Undang is kind of lecture sessions that you are required to take before you get your driving license here in Malaysia. Anyways, it was super boring and I was sleepy the whole time. The first session was with a Chinese guy who was quite funny at times where he was giving the lecture in a nice cold room. However, just before the second session started with an Indian guy, the electricity got cut off in the room all of us were in and were forced to move into a hotandnoairconditioning room. My Gosh! Who couldn't have not slept in there right, considering the time was 3pm and everyone was hot and sleepy. I couldn't stand it and walked out 1/2hour before the second session was to end. I played around with my new baby a lot on that day. Here are the pictures! :-)

Perodua Kancils!!!!! RIGHT....Like I'm excited.

Motorcycle track for testing.

Traffic lights. *chuckles*

The van that fetched us from Soon Lee over in the island.

Car track for testing.

Canteen at the centre.

My booklet/folder thingy.

Yep. I went for English.

The hill test...


The lecture room WITH air-conditioning.

Worldwide fuel prices.

Listening to Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time.
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