Wednesday, 2 July 2008

#84-My Day Today.

First word for my day today. OH MY GOSH!!! Why? You may ask. Let's say. My day today is terribly packed. First up, I have school, obviously. That's 7.40am to 2.10pm. After that an hour and 20 minutes rest, then it's Add Maths tuition at 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Then, it's Chemistry tuition from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Due after Chem tuition would be personal tutoring from 8.30pm to 10.30pm. See? I told you readers that it would be packed. Ahh, how I wish I could quit Chemistry tuition (wishes that my dad reads this). Mmmmm.....

It's the end of the Add Maths period for now. So that's why lar I'm blogging. Now it's Chemistry.

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