Wednesday, 30 July 2008

#119-Photos For The Past Week

[Friday, 25 July 2008]

A file I won in an English spelling test a while ago.

I also won this bookmark marker/mini post-its.

Cheese Stick from Eden Bakery.

In front of my Maths tuition's teacher's house.

In the car on the way to The Ship.

[Saturday, 26 July 2008]

Random picture in the car while waiting for mum to finish buying dinner.

Slurpee!!! Mine's Lychee (pink) and some funky green-flavoured version.

[Sunday, 27 July 2008]

In Island Plaza's toilet.

New Cross-Trainer in the Gym Room.

New Treadmill in the Gym Room.

Vaining in the Gym Room.

Cam-whoring with a kettle??

[Monday, 28 July 2008]

Nice rims! Alfa-esque. Saw this on a Honda Civic right outside my tuition.

Random pose on the middle of the road. Credits to Leon for taking this picture.

A Celcom billboard on Ryan Giggs.

Sandwiches my grandaunt made for me. Thanks!

Buying dinner at KFC.

[Tuesday, 29 July 2008]

My Nike shoes.

First try. Shit. Gagal. Fail. 38/50.

The first-try results slip.

The place where I took my Undang test at Gembira Parade.

The outlook of the place.

A shot of my speed dial numbers. I just finished assigning the numbers prior to this shot. I assigned the speed dials out of boredom.

Second try. Lulus. Pass. Rejoice. 43/50.

The second-try results slip.

At the centre.

Outside the centre.


Look at the bottom right of the rear windscreen. It says SAVE THE MALES. LOLLOLLOL. And what does the OPK mean? I'm pretty sure BMW doesn't produce BMW 118i OPK. Haha.

RM687.57 Tesco shopping results in...

...three full trolleys.

Police roadblock along Macalister Road, just in front of SGGS.

Random shot of my slippers.

I never knew Hertz Malaysia rents out Ford Focus cars. That's one thing in common between Malaysia and England. They both have Ford Focus cars to rent. This is a 2.0S model. The last time we rented at Hertz UK, it was a 1.6LX Focus.

Bought these at Esso during BM tuition.

Listening to Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing.
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