Saturday, 26 July 2008

#117-Last Tuesday's Going-Ons

It was my grandmother's 3rd death anniversary last Tuesday and we did a dana in memory of her. Invited some monks from Mahindarama and Dhammikarama temples over to the house as well as some relatives and friends to have lunch at my house.

Loh-baks, or pork wrapped in beancurd skin.

Dry Chicken Curry

Picking up monks at Mahindarama

Dessert and Drinks table

Table set-up for the monks

Dhamma Books to be distributed out, this is for the monks.

Requisites for the monks.

Beautifully cut and arranged rambutan.

Then, at night, as usual I went for BM tuition.

Bought some Chipsmore and a can of Fruitade during tuition.

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