Saturday, 28 June 2008

#82-European Escapade 2007 PT. 3 ~ ICEBAR COPENHAGEN

Last year, after the cruise ended, we decided to spend a couple of extra days staying back in Copenhagen, Denmark to walk around and shop and stuff like that. On the night before leaving for England, we decided to check out the famed ICEBAR chain. ICEBARs are actually bars which are totally made in ice, up till the cups and chairs and countertops. The original ICEBAR is in Sweden, that was where it all started. Now they have branches in both Stockholm and Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Tokyo, Japan, London, England, Milan, Italy and Copenhagen, Denmark. We obviously went to the one in Copenhagen, like what the title suggests. The price of 150 Danish Kroners was well worth it and for that price, it comes with one free drink and a cape which is needed to enter the ICEBAR. One can visit the ICEBAR for a 45 minute period tops. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served, there's the famous Absolut Vodka and the ABSOLUT ICEBAR drinks series. Here are the pictures, enjoy!



Me and the ICEBAR bartender.

Our juices in the ICEcups.


Seriously, the ICE is from all up north in Sweden.

My drink in the ICEcup.




HELP! I'm stuck in an ICEbottle.

Mi amor!

HELPPP!!! I'm still stuck in the ICEbottle.

Choices of Absolut vodka flavours.



Eatable cup?

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