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#72-European Escapade 2007 PT. 1 ~ England (15/06/2007-30/06/2007, 13/07/2007-15/07/2007)

Dear readers, in the anniversary of my trip to England last year from the 15th of June to the 15th of July 2007, I've decided to blog about it. Well, I was in England for the reason that my brother is graduating, so I attended. During that period, I also went on a Baltic cruise from the 1st to the 11th of July on Star Princess. But I will cover the cruise on a different blogpost.

In KLIA waiting for the flight.

Malaysia;s two main airlines. Malaysian Airlines and the budget AirAsia.

Picture of the ground over some random place.


View out of my brother's first year college room.

Another angle.

A road in Cambridge.

The same road.


More sheep.

View of a typical English countryside. It's in the Lake District.

In Lake District.

AGAIN in Lake District.

STILL in Lake District.

Moot Hall in Keswick.

Another picture of the hall.

Part of Hadrian's Wall somewhere in Cumbria. We complained due to the fact that we went all the way to this place *mind you, this place was terribly far and hard to find from our hotel in Windermere* just to see some 'batu' as my dad calls it.

View from the Wall. Just spectacular.

I'm not focusing on the Mercedes. Look into the background. I wasn't that into photography yet last year and this photo is the only proof that I have been to Old Trafford a.k.a. The Manchester United Stadium.

A family picture. a visit to my relative's house in Ilkley, Yorkshire.

My cousins and their guinea pigs.

Back in Cambridge, em, just a path outside of Lion's Yard.

Me and my brother.



River Cam and punting.

He's Egyptian. I went to GBK (a great burger place) in Cambridge for like 5 nights in a row so he was like let's take a picture together!

The English sunset.

Brother's graduation picture.

British Airways.

Part of Picadilly Circus.

Traffic in London.

Jermyn Street, London SW1.

London sky.

Regent Street, London SW1.

A BIG, BIG cuddly bear in Hamleys.

Just outside Hamleys.

Oxford Circus Tube Station tracks

Marble Arch.

Notting Hill Tube Station tracks.

Outside Hilton London Paddington hotel.

One of the chef's at Rodrigo's Brazilian buffet.

Sticks of food. Hence, the word buffet.

The salad section.

A small selection of other types of food.

Roof of the London Paddington station.

Typical English breakfast.

Trains at the London Paddington station.

Listening to Hilary Duff - Wake Up.
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