Saturday, 21 June 2008

#68-Singapore Madness PT. 18 ~ Wedding Dinner @ The Fullerton

Well, one of the main reason my parents and I went down to Singapore about three weeks ago was to attend a wedding dinner held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The bride in question is my dad's university friend's daughter. Well, here are the pictures from that particular night, 2nd June 2008.

Me and the bride's father.

Little photo albums handed out to all guests, looking nice eh?

Examle of a presentation at a guest's seat.

The bride and groom entering #1

The bride and groom entering #2

The bride and groom.

The typical four seasons dish. Oh wait, in this case, it's five seasons.

Shark's fin soup. Again, typical of a Chinese-course dinner.

Steamed fish with fried garlic as the toppings.


Getting ready for the typical yamseng ceremony, for readers who do not live in M'sia or S'pore yamseng=cheers.

Yamseng-ing in full force.

Giving his speech, the groom.

Overview of the ballroom, it's shaped something like a rugby ball.

Deep-fried prawns.

It's uhhh duck with some crackers I think. Sorry! I forgot d.

Broccoli with abalone and mushrooms.

I don't take mushrooms and that tyre-tasting abalone. So, broccolis for me only.

Braised ee-fu noodles.

Mango dessert.

A friend I met at the wedding, good chap. His name's Gary Lee.

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