Friday, 20 June 2008

#64-Singapore Madness PT. 16 ~ Day Five Pictures

Pictures I took on Day Five of my trip.

In the taxi.

Victoria Memorial Hall

Cavenagh Bridge.

Singapore River.


The Fullerton Hotel. Damn chun la this hotel, the ballroom where the wedding was held was sweet.

Me and the new Nissan GT-R!!!!!!!

Self-pic with the GT-R's wing mirror.

The big-ass green field just outside the Chinese Gardens East Entrance.

Outside the Chinese Gardens East Entrance.

Chinese Garden MRT station entrance.

Chinese Garden EW25.

MRT Tracks.

On the way to VivoCity.

Dark Mocha Frap AGAIN.

Extra Chocolate AGAIN.

Dark Mocha Frap and The Bourne Ultimatum at Starbucks.

Potato Salad and Dark Mocha Frap at Starbucks.

The Lexus key is presented in this nice case.

Lexus. Yea man!

Keys to a Lexus IS250.

Nice plates.

Emo? Nahhh.....LOL. Took this picture for fun.

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