Thursday, 22 May 2008

#20-Wesak Day

Well, last Monday was Wesak Day, so as usual, we'll watch the procession by going to the temple. Anyways, took a lot of videos. But then I realised I lost my camera (the red one). Shyte. Anyways, so no pictures but I shall give you a brief explanation of the procession.

Normally, every year, I'll just be there at the temple just watching the procession. But this year, with the exception of my parents I went walking. Well, this isn't actually the first time I'm walking, it's the second time, but the first time
I didn't walk that far, only from the temple until the back of Island Hospital at Peel Avenue. This time I walked until the finishing point at Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) on Burmah Road.

Route explantion;

Starting @ MBA, Burmah Road
Kelawai Road via Pangkor Road
Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple @ Burma Lane
back on to
the other side of Burmah Road turning in to Perak Road
Peel Avenue then Macalister Road
back on to Perak Road
Macalister Road via Anson Road
on to
Jewish Lane then back again
on to
Burmah Road to the end @ MBA

Total Journey Mileage : 7km.

I walked for approximately 6km? Yea, so pretty much met some peeps along the way. Satisfied, a bit sad(because of camera), tiring but it's for Wesak Day, so yea!

Ciao! Peace out!

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