Friday, 23 May 2008

#23-Shopping @ Tesco

Well, yesterday, I didn't go to school because they were having Worship Day as well as Teacher's Day celebrations. So, yea. Instead, woke up around 10, got ready and followed my mother to pick up my aunt and my grandaunt to head to the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre (MBMC) for a dana. Well, I didn't take any pictures cause I felt lazy to take pictures.

Anyways, after that since we had some free time, all of us decided to go to Tesco. YAY! Tesco! Haha. It's a nice place to shop, but if I were in England, I'd go to Sainsbury instead of Tesco. But in Penang, there's only Tesco or Giant. So, Tesco it is.

At Tesco, there's this new parking system at the parking garage, where like all other parking garages, you'll need to take the ticket and pay. But temporarily, it's free (Before this, it was completely free, no ticket, nothing).

The parking ticket and something about the new parking system;

The entrance to Tesco hypermarket;

Well, recently prices of household and daily items have gone up. One of them is rice. On my previous trip to Tesco, the aisle for rice was like all empty, save for maybe about 50 bags of rice or so? Anyways today,

Yay! Supply of rice is back, but

Who the hell would want to pay RM51.00 for a bag of rice? That's off. At least the others were alright, in the RM20-RM40 price range.

Honey pineapples, with slightly reddish thorns.

Ribena, fav. drink, my brother like the call it the purple liquid. Hah.

So, yea, pretty much that's it for this post, Tesco shopping is always nice :-). I'm a guy who likes to shop. Yea..mmmm.....

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