Wednesday, 28 May 2008

#35-Preparing for Singapore!

Well, going to Singapore this Saturday, of course la have to pack right?
Yesterday, got the bags out and just wanted to show you my lovely pink luggage and a couple of vain pictures of me :-).

Ah, this luggage, was actually bought with my brother's own luggage, it was like a promotion or something, both are pink just that my brother's one is bigger than mine. There's alot of history with this bag. It got stranded @ Heathrow last year, went on the Scandinavian cruise with me, and it went on the 1-month holiday to Europe with me last year! How I miss that trip. Might blog about that sometime later.

Bag! Pink! Yay!

I still have the Princess Cruise tag still on.

Proof that it's my bag.

Me :-)

You see me again :-)

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