Sunday, 25 May 2008

#26-Penang Swimming Club

Well, we're not members of this club, we're just visitors, my granduncle was kind enough to take us here for dinner today and so yea, we came in PHE25 (our usual outing vehicle) ate dinner at a german restaurant at the 'snake tepmle', not the real one, it's just a name for that rectangular building at one corner of the swimming pool at PSC. Oh, btw, the swimming pool at PSC is huge, Olympic sized pool, nearly 4 times the size of our pool at home. Anyways, while eating there, I met an old friend, her name's Ai Ching, we just waved, no talking, my mum did talk to her mum though. She's at Dalat now, an American syllabus based school here in Penang. My god, it seems that among all my kindergarten school friends, I'm the only one going to a shitty local school.

Well, after dinner, the 5 of us went for dessert at a place that sells crepe along Gurney Drive, pretty good place, love their crepes, just a lil' bit expensive, but, it's alright.

Picture of the sea from the parking garage.

Floor 3 of the parking garage, our car is at the far end of the garage.

Another picture of the sea, this time from the pathway to the club.

Picture of the PSC swimming pool, see I told you it was huge.

Picture of the sea from the restaurant.

Low tide. Lol.

High tide. Lol.

Damn chun the four condos there. 1 unit per floor, average 38 floors per unit, approx 2mil for a unit? I would love to stay on the 38th floor of the unit the furthest to the right, the lucky person must have a wonderful view.

The restaurant.

Street light beside the crepe place.

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